Getting Legal Aid

Legal Aid is a program that is offered in Canada to ensure that everyone even those with low income have access to legal representation. If a person qualifies for Legal Aid than the Government will cover the costs for a Lawyer to represent them in court. The type of coverage available depends on many factors and your situation will determine if you get partial or full coverage through Legal Aid.

Qualifying for Legal Aid

In order for a person to Qualify for Legal Aid in Ontario you will need to have very little income left after your necessities of life have been paid for. People who are on unemployment or another type of social assistance will almost always qualify for Legal Aid. Another thing to keep in mind is that your legal matter must be of a serious nature in order to qualify for assistance.

It is possible to receive Legal Aid in Canada even if you own a home. However in some situations you may be required to place a lien against your home and repay the legal expenses to Legal Aid when you sell your home. They will look carefully at your expenses and will determine if you can afford to pay for the legal costs on your own. If you cannot afford legal counsel than you will qualify for partial of complete funding under the Legal Aid program.

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