Following Too Closely

Following too closely is a serious traffic violation that can end up costing you 4 demerit points and between 90 to 500 dollars in fines if you are not careful. There are several different ways to defend against this type of traffic violation but if you are concerned about losing your best option may be to contact a traffic ticket expect to defend you.

There are a number of different defenses that a person can argue when they are charged with following too closely. In order to prove that you are guilty and deserve this traffic ticket the officer will need to prove that you were following another driver too closely. This is usually a difficult task for the officer to prove.

When you are arguing your case the best defense you can use is that you were not following too closely and that you had left ample distance between yourself and the other driver to give yourself time to adjust to road or driving conditions. When you are presenting your case you should use as many facts as possible ( how fast you were traveling , the distance between yourself and the other driver.

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