Does a tenant have the right to keep pets?

In most cases a tenant has the right to have pets in their home. This is as long as the pets do not cause ongoing serious disturbances to the other tenants in the building. The pets also must not cause any damage to the rented property. It should be noted that a landlord does have the right to refuse to rent to someone who owns a pet.

According to the Tenancies Act when a landlord wishes to evict their tenants due to disturbances or damages caused by a pet, they must give their tenants the chance to correct the behavior that is causing the problems. In the event that the tenants are unable to solve the problems that are causing the disturbances the landlord will need to apply to the Landlord and Tenant Board to have the tenants evicted.

The only other situation where a tenants right to have a pet could be in jeopardy is if the animal violates either a health or noise by law. At which point the Landlord or even another one of the tenants could contact the city and an investigation will be started.

If you need additional information about pets and their effects on housing you should contact the Landlord and Tenants Board.

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